"Daylight Silence" Project

At the dawn of the fourth millennium social inequalities brought most of the world's countries to the extreme limit.

The protests became fights and the revolts, real massacres. The only possible answer to the blind and brutal violence was to establish a repressive and totalitarian planetary government. But despite this (or perhaps because of this) the number of deaths was incalculable.

And even when the "Daylight Silence" Project was born, nobody ever talked about it.

Has been classified as Top Secret, for the purpose and for the method

The Project’s purpose was to go beyond the space’s limits and time through the use of a "chronosphere". A vehicle able to create a mini black hole, a singularity, to move from one place to another avoiding the speed of light. With it, in theory, you could have reached instantly new planets or other dimensions, to collect raw materials or futuristic technology to bring back to base. But for the test an “expendable” crew was needed.

Officers accused of high treason, renegade soldiers, hackers, thieves and murderers. Scapegallows which were given the opportunity to redeem their debt with justice.

Everything went straight until the countdown, when scientists realized that they had taken the step longer than the leg.
Once passed the event’s horizon, the spaceship began to bounce between the singularities like the ball of a pinball machine that would never come back.

At that moment our five mercenaries understood that "hope" was a meaningless word.

That the only thing to do to trick time was to play together, making space vibrate.

And that everything is present immediately.


Lord Von Braun

Earl Von Braun, the firstborn of a noble and ancient family, he joined the military academy while he was only a teenager.

Become Official, he distinguished himself during the Third Great War, reaching quickly the rank of Colonel.

Administrator of the assets of the empire as a supervisor in the first and second era, however, was involved, in spite of himself, in a trafficking of illegal bacteriological weapons. He tried to denounce the event to the World Government Assembly, but in response he was accused of the same crimes, downgraded and forced to take refuge on Island 5.0 Cremisy - the phantom planet - to escape the persecution together with his family.

Reduced to misery and betrayed by a person close to him - whose identity is still shrouded in mystery - was reached by the authorities, arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment.

He was accused of intergalactic terrorism, being connected to the Crono-theory projects together with Mr.Wolf and M.T.Drake, his faithful companions of adventures, as well as suspected of having covered the evasion of the agent Free Nameless, aka Doctor X, aka "the left-handed with the silver arm”.

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Morris Theodore Drake showed, when was only a child, a natural predisposition for scientific subjects, but for this reason he ended up in reform almost immediately. At the age of thirteen he attempted unauthorized access to the World Government Defense database. At eighteen he had already forced the portals of financial institutions around the world.

At just twenty, Drake "The Dragon" was one of the most active and wanted hackers.

He remained a fugitive for quite some time, until one day he entered the wrong backdoor. The online account of the largest multinational in the world was a great little treat, but it had so many connections with the underworld and politicians at the highest levels, that he did not even have time to realize what he had in his hands. The SWAT broke into his apartment and a blast destroyed his right half-face, together with the wall of his dining room.

Survived thanks to latest-generation cybernetic facilities, in prison he received a redemption proposal from the World Government; if he had collaborated with the authorities he would have returned free - even if under a false name - avoiding countless years in prison. Needless to say, he accepted and with the passing of the years he came to assume the position of director of the IT section WNSB (World National Security Bureau).

His fame as an outlaw was obscured by the cases solved in the name of justice.

The only real problem was revealed one evening, during an official gala, with two magnificent blue eyes and breathtaking curves. Jane, the daughter of the president himself.

At first they managed to keep their relationship secret, but as soon as the affair surfaced, Drake was first invited by some agents to return to the ranks, after which, since forgetting the girl did not really want to know, the counterintelligence indicted him as an infiltrated spy of terrorists and a dangerous subversive.

Accused of high treason, he was sentenced to death.

Then one day, on death row, they proposed to participate in the "Daylight SIlence" Project.

By now they had taken everything from him.
What else did he have to lose?

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El Diablo

Michael Kennedy, aka "El Diablo".

A well-known intergalactic pilot, during the Third Great War he took part in several missions, reaching the rank of Captain. In one of these, however, he refused to shoot on an enemy transport ship. His thermal sonar detected the ship full of civilians, women and children, so it was harmless to him. But once he returned to the base he was accused of being a traitor and a coward. He reacted with a violent fight with a colleague, and did not want to kill him.

For this he ended up in front of the intergalactic martial court and was sentenced to life imprisonment on the charge of manslaughter.

In jail he met Morris Drake thanks to which he discovered that on board the enemy ship there was evidence of the double play of the President. In fact, some files Drake ran when he was director of the WNSB (World National Security Bureau) told him that the ship had to be destroyed not because it was a military target, but to conceal government corruption embodied in the President's wife, who escaped to reveal to the Universe the misdeeds of her husband.

And to make matters worse, he also discovered that he was not the only one who flirted with Jane, the President's daughter.

In his mind the pieces of the puzzle finally took a complete form. Even if it was too late.

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Mr. Wolf

Darren Wolf is the last born of a wealthy family, but opposed to the President's party.

For this reason the Wolfs were all terminated - although officially the crime was attributed to a robbery attempt in their luxurious apartment - except for him, who managed to save himself thanks to friends thugs who secretly attended by his family.

From that moment on he lived in the suburbs of the capital of the Empire, learning to get by on the street carrying out various legal and illegal jobs.

The combination of street life, with the education received as a young man and the desire for revenge against the President led him to cover, under a false name, the position of engineer designer of arms and infrastructure for the Government.

He worked on some secret projects with M.T.Drake , until he was discovered and reported to resell new weapons projects and maps of the secret bases to terrorists.

He also investigated the leak of informations that came to El Diablo about the spaceship ...

At that point he disappeared and decided that if it was time to leave, he would do it in style. He filled with chemical explosives the air ducts of the Assembly of the World Government and the March 21st remained an important date to remember for the whole world.

He was sure that the President was there that day, he was sure he had calculated everything. Yet even though he managed to destroy the entire building, that same evening he saw him on the TV screens more alive than ever, announcing with grave and solemn tone that those responsible would have been unmasked and brought to justice as soon as possible.

His discomfort was such that when they came to capture him he did not oppose any resistance.

Then, on death row, waiting for his execution, he found his old friend Drake and finally understood why his plan had failed.

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Doctor X

Adrian Rene Hauser, aka Renegadrian, aka Agent Free Nameless… nobody knows his real name, but many know him as Doctor X.

The only certain news about his past are his two degrees in medicine and physics; the first official, the second reached by another name.

Unofficial sources say he synthesized a serum for superhuman strength and endurance, and distributed it to anyone during the New York uprising. On that occasion he also actively participated in the logistical organization of the unrest, offering his care to the rebels. Besides that, many of the most famous synthetic drugs of downtown in recent years seem to all come from him. Also part of the explosive formula used by Mr.Wolf in the disaster of the Assembly of the World Government, seems to be the flour of his bag.

He was involved in the resounding theft of the Crown, where he managed to spread a powerful sleeping pill inside the guardhouse, passing through the walls, thanks to a quantum engine of his invention. Once penetrated into the vault, in order to resist the deadly gas, he had to inject himself with a particular whey, based on technological nano-metal, hence the nickname of "left-handed with the silver arm".

Over the years he became the sought after number one of the planetary police, but he always managed to get away with it.

His vast network of knowledge allowed him to score the most famous thefts of all time, always remaining in the shadows; from the diamonds of the Mortimer collection, to the raid of the Cyman islands, where in collaboration with M.T.Drake , he put together a colossal fortune by depleting thousands of offshore accounts.

But his luck ended at the very moment he scored that last sensational blow. Having stamped his feet on those who did not have to, even his cover soon jumped.
Unrecognizable as usual, he was arrested by some agents disguised as waiters, while he took a coffee at the Starlack. He had clearly been betrayed.

Although there was no concrete evidence against him for many of the crimes attributed to him, he was sentenced to six life sentences, with great emphasis on the media.

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